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Appliance Servicing


To some home owners it comes as a bit of a surprise that your gas appliances need regular servicing, just like your vehicle your gas appliances are getting used every day, most of your appliances require re adjusting or calibrating so that you are getting the most effeicent heating you can, and just not flushing $ notes down the drain because you gas appliances are burning at 50% rather than 100%.

Gas Worx can either install owner supplied gas fires, or supply you with a quotation for supply and install for your chosen gas fire, we can discuss what fire is suitable for the space you are wanting to heat (very important) so that your not wasting your hard earned money on a fire that just isnt up to the job. here is a list of gas fire manufacturers that we recommend;
  • Rinnai
  • Escea
  • Real fire
  • Living flame


Rinnai iHEAT central heating

Gas Worx can supply you with a fully comprehensive quotation for you new home gas requirements, simply send through a file with you plans attached and a itemised list of your requirements, we can assist in calculating exactly what you require for your water heating, central heating or gas fire and appliances.
Simply email and we will be in touch to discuss further with you.
The Rinnai iHeat is a ducted home heating system that uses hot water from your Rinnai Infinity continuous flow water heater to warm air and circulate it around your home. The system can also be zoned to only heat the areas you are using, warm air is simply ducted to the areas you want to heat, the Rinnai iHeat is a very cost effective way to heat your home with a very quick payback after the initial capital outlay compared to other cetral heating sources on the market.